Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's learn chat abbreviation!

These are abbreviations that many people use instead of writing out the whole thing.

AFAIK : As far as I know

AFK : Away from keyboard

A/S/L? : Age/sex/location?

BAK : Back at the keyboard

BBL : Be back later

BRB : Be right back

BTA : But then again...

BTW : By the way

C2C : Cam to cam (usually used on ym)

CU : See you

CYA : Cover your ass

CYO : See you online

DBA : Doing business as

DIKU : Do I know you?

EOM : End of message

EOT : End of thread (meaning: end of discussion)

F2F : Face to face

FAQ : Frequently-ask question(s)

FU : Fuck You!

FWIW : For what it's worth

FYI : For your information

G2G : Got to go

GA : Go ahead

GAL : Get a life

GIWIST : Gee, I wish I'd said that

GMTA : Great minds think alike

GOL : Giggling out loud

IAC : In any case

IC : I see

IDK : I don't know

ILY : I love you

IM : Immediate/Instant message

IMO : In my opinion

IOW : In other words

IYSWIM : If you see what I mean

JIC : Just in case

JK : Just kidding

KWIM? : Know what I mean?

L8R : Later

LD : Later, dude

LDR : Long-distance relationship

LMAO : Laugh(ing) My Ass Off

LMLYG : Let Me Let You Go

LOL : Laugh(ing) Out Loud

LTR : Long-term relationship

LULAB : Love you like a brother

LULAS : Love you like a sister

MorF : Male or female

MUSM : Miss you so much

NM : Not much

NFG : No fucking good

NP : No problem

NRN : No response necessary

OIC : Oh, I see

OMG : Oh My God!

OTOH : On the other hand

::POOF:: Goodbye (leaving the room)

ROTFL : Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO : Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

RYO : Roll your own (write your own program; derived from cigarettes rolled yourself with tobacco and paper)

SOMY : Sick of me yet?

SWAG : Stupid wild-ass guess

TAFN : That's all for now

THX : Thanks

TIA : Thanks in advance (used if you post a question and are expecting a helpful reply)

TLK2UL8R : Talk to you later

TMI : Too much information

TTYL : Talk to you later

TY : Thank you

W2W : Wall to wall (usually used at facebook)

WU? : What's up?

WUF? : Where are you from?

YMIA : You're welcome in advance

Any other abbreviation that you wanna like to share with me? You are most welcome here!!!

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