Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jom Melancong bersama God Bless Travelers!!!

About God Bless Travelers

We are a Muslim travel agency in Malaysia and has outbound and inbound package in Asia (Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and so on)

For any inquiries, you can directly contact by pm me or through email below:



* Our prices are the best and most competitive in this century.
* Commission also can be discussed if there is a group of more than 20 people.
* Receipt and Invoice also will be giving if the full payment have been received.

You also can contact through phone no. below:

Hidayat-0162037569 / Fahmi-0162203569 / Hakim-0147585246

For more details please like Facebook fan page:

God Bless Travelers


Seoul, South Korea

East Coast - Gold Coast, Brisbane


Jakarta Puncak Bandung


Chegu Zubir said...

mahal x pakej die/?????

jom baca
Gambar Lucah dalam Surah Yassin

Askrie Hishamuddin said...

tak berapa pasti la..

for more details like facebook fanpage diorang or contact their contact numb.