Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scene filem paling tak boleh blah!

Subtitle in English

The Lady : what bird is this...?? why so small...??

the guy : This is Import from Malaysia...!!!

The Lady : din't see looks small like kids that i saw....

the guy : it it just fly to Thailand here...

The Lady : ooo fly from far away and feather already gone...this bird bang to what why It's head already flatten ...?? go away

the guy : Nooo~~~arghhh falling*

*LOL. Skrip filem ni serius tak boleh blah! cis, nganjing betul! tercabar kredibiliti seorang lelaki Malaysia.


!! Kodet !! said...

haha , ada gak yg sanggup berlakon cmni ..

eddy said...

oooo....mmg menganjing..haha

Askrie Hishamuddin said...

@kodet, haha. tu la psl. tak malu betul!

@eddy, tercabar kredibiliti seorang lelaki Malaysia kan.